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GARDEN SUITE LEFT ELEVATION LEFTVictoria is estimated to have a 0.5% of vacancy rate. This means the Victoria is one of the lowest in the country. With almost not rental units to choose from the rental prices are going up rapidly. But, this is not something unique of Victoria. There is a rental crisis across BC.

There is an estimated of 20,000 new residents coming in to Victoria by 2041, and Victoria has only 6,744 single-family dwelling. This can be translated that Victoria will need an additional 13,500 apartment units and 2,700 homes to be build by 2041.

GARDEN SUITE LEFT ELEVATION RIGHTAfter a public hearing in April 2017, garden suites are now allow as accessory rental dwellings for single family homes across the city of Victoria, BC. So, if you are in single family Zoning now you can build or convert an existing accessory building to a legal, detached, ground-oriented rental suite in your backyard. A garden suite are designed to be a long term rental housing.

This is a big step from the past when to build a garden suite in your property will cost you $4000.00 dollars just to apply for rezoning. It would take six to eight month to go through the process to be approve or not. And your money could go to waste. Now with the new changes, the application process will take a maximum of four weeks. And the most important thing is that the cost of doing so will be only $200.

This is the first time in years that adding an income rental to a single family Zoning is a reality for many people in the Victoria area, when inflation and cost of living in Victoria keep going up. Way to go victories, but don’t go to fast. This new changes have some guide line to follow. Like privacy concerns between neighbours, rooftop spaces, size, setbacks, and so on. So, if you want to start with a garden suite don’t forger to call the professional to start with the right foot. With the exception of small lot, All properties that contain only a single-family detached dwelling and are appropriately zoned are now permitted to build a garden suite. This is part of The Victoria’s Housing Strategy, 2016-2025

For more information about building a garden suite in your property give us a call.

This post used recourses from the Time Colonist and Victoria City Websites.


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