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Red Seal of carpenter certificationDCR Renovations was founded in 2009 by Damian Cendan, after being on the field since 2003, with 3 years in commercial construction and 3 years in residential renovations at the time. Damian holds a Red Seal Certification in Carpentry. The Red Seal Program is recognized as the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades.

Damian was awarded by the Department of Trades and Technology at Camosun College in 2009 after finishing a 4 year program in only 3 years. With DCR Renovations, Damian has also obtained the Residential Builder License Certification and the Pacific Home Warranty Insurance in the past.
During the first 3 years in commercial, Damian participated in many projects like underground parking and the Shutter. These projects have given him and the company the opportunity to achieve a high level of knowledge in the construction and assembling of concrete forms. The planning and execution of high complexity projects like the butterfly curved roof at the Shutter project is a good example of these achievements. Damian also has experience in finishing and repairing of concrete.

Here is a list amongst others commercial projects where Damian has participated.

Camosun AwardDamian has grown the company’s profile more extensive in the renovations field with numerous projects. The outstanding results in a tight budget and the accuracy in the estimations has given the advantage of creating clientele through referrals. Remodeling of bathrooms with the complexity of any modern home DCR Renovations has made the difference among the rest. The accuracy in their estimation and delivering what is promised is the fundamental core of the company, making it a preference of choice.

Here is a list amongst others renovation projects where Damian has participated.

The constant seeking for more knowledge in the field of construction Damian has explored in the complex area of new housing. Damian has worked in many other different fields such as: plumbing, electrical and roofing to open new expertise in the construction area. These new combination of skills has given Damian the tools and the experience to take any project with confidence. Bringing 10 years of experience in renovations with a strong background. “We take pride in our achievements.”
“DCR RENOVATIONS is a dynamic and easy going company that is always looking to develop its profile. Constantly learning and applying better techniques and products. Going above and beyond the regular business techniques to complete the project in time and exceeding the specifications. Adaptable to any schedule, making it easy and convenient to work with. From the very beginning of the development design to the finish the company is with you until your full satisfaction. If any problem arises they follow the best trouble solving conflict resolution, the full customer satisfaction is a must.”

Residencial Builder LicencePacific home warranty




Here is a list of the things I have done professionally

Concrete Footings (Digging, Forming, Pouring) Residential and commercial
Concrete Walls (Forming and Pouring)
Concrete Stairs (Forming and Pouring)
Concrete Slaps (Forming, Pouring and Finishing)
Installation of water Heating System ( On Concrete Slap)
Perimeter Drain Installation
Framing (Including Stairs, Hand Cut Roofing, Engineer Trusses)
Rough in Plumbing (Copper and ABS)
Rough in Electrical
Installation of all Electrical Fixtures
Installation of all the Plumbing Fixtures (Including Hot water Tank)

Insulation and Vapor Barrier Installation
Drywall (Boarding, taping, and Finishing)
Flooring (Laminate, Vinyl, Carpet, Ceramic Tiling with Electrical in Floor Heating)
Prebuilt Cabinet Installation and Custom Built
Windows, Doors and Skylights Installation
Rain Screen Installation
Venting System
Trim Work (Interior and Exterior)
Siding (Hardy Plank)
Roofing (Asphalt Shingles, Metal and Torch on)
Wood Burning Stove Installation

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